What is an Intervention?

An intervention is that "extra something" put in place that extends beyond the regular curriculum AND specifically targets identified weaknesses of a student or group of students.

Research-based interventions are strategies, teaching methodologies and supports that have been shown through one or more valid research studies ot help a student improve academic, behavioral/emotional or functional skills. The interventions used prior to determining eligibility for special education ad related services must be designed to address the skill deficiency of the particular individual student. North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

All Interventions Must Have an Instructional Component!!!
  • Instruction that supplements and intensifies classroom curriculum and/or instruction to meet student need: Academic or Behavioral, Standard Protocol or Individualized
  • All interventions must have plan of implementation, criteria for successful response, assessment to monitor progress.
  • NOTE: If a program is used as part of the interventions, the program must be implemented as it is written.

To learn more, review the following PowerPoints & PDF documents:

Identifying & Implementing

Treatment Integrity

Brief Comment About Interventions


For the intervention, identify the “what” and the “how”. Some examples include:
  • Using the concrete-representation approach (the what), Ashley will receive tutoring (the how) 2 times a week for 30 minutes.
  • Brian will receive tutoring (the how) using vocabulary activities (the what) from the Florida Center for Reading Research.
  • Brian will work on content vocabulary (the what), 2 nights a week with parent for 20 minutes (the how)
  • Natashia will continue her after school tutoring (the how) with a focus on fluency (the what) using the Florida Center for Reading Research Fluency activities.
  • Natashia will work in a group (the how) to learn how to use picture and context clues to figure out words (the what)

Some resources (not a limited list) of things that you can use to provide the instruction can be found on the following links:

Written Expression