This page contains information to assist you with discussing RtI with parents.

Parent Video
Parent Brochure

Within the parent brochure, the following questions are suggested as possible questions parents can ask about RtI at their child's school:
  • What skills are students at my child’s grade level expected to master and how do my child’s skills compare?
  • What are the formal guidelines my child’s school uses to progress monitor?
  • How will I be informed of the progress my child is making?
  • What happens if an intervention is not working?
  • How does the school check to be sure that the interventions are implemented as planned?
  • To what extent does the interventions that my child receives differ from the instruction of all students?

There will be some differences among answers between schools. However, a school should have consistent answers from all teachers within that school. The following is an example of an answer.

Question: What are the formal guidelines my child's school uses to progress monitor?
All students are benchmarked three times a year to be sure that students are on track and making growth. Those students below grade level or are not making growth are provided with interventions based on the intensity of his/her need. Students receiving Tier I level interventions are progressed monitored once a month. Students receiving Tier II level interventions are progressed monitored once every other week. CBMs (curriculum-based measurements) are used to progressed monitored. CBMs are quick assessments that can be administered in a very short period of time and used to determine if a student is making growth.